Halesworth Airfield Museum

56th Fighter GroupHalesworth Airfield Museum is delighted to announce that the long awaited number 5 in the very popular "Fighting Units in Colour" series "56th Fighter Group Part 1: Kings Cliffe Kindergarten – Halesworth Heyday" is now in stock and available for purchase, either by personal visit or by mail order.  Written jointly by Nigel Julian and Peter Randall, two internationally acknowledged experts in their field, with outstanding artwork by Zbigniew Kolacha, arguably one of the finest aircraft illustrators in Poland, this publication is a feast for both historian and modeller alike. 

56th Fighter GroupComprising 64 pages, plus 4 fully illustrated cover pages, this volume includes 156 photos, of which 53 are in colour, 35 colour profiles and one full-page illustration.  

As usual in this series a free sheet of decals, printed by Cartgraf of Italy, is included. This is presented in the three most popular modelling scales: 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 and depicts seven 56th Fighter Group Thunderbolts, which have either not previously been available as decals, or have been depicted incorrectly. To order your copy, click on the relevant Paypal link below. All prices include postage.

Orders within the UK
£20 inc. postage

Orders from Europe
£23 inc postage

Orders from the USA
£25.50 inc. postage

Orders from Australia
£26 inc. postage

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